If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear…

  This is a standard trope of authoritarian apologists.  I just wanted to give some form of a response…     A deer is an innocent creature with nothing to … Continue Reading →

Salon’s “Hipsters For Charter Schools” article; aka “Is it OK to yell ‘racist’ in a crowded debate?”

Recently, Salon published an article titled “Hipsters for charter schools: The big lie ‘Togetherness’ tells about race and education” I see this so often that it really is becoming a … Continue Reading →

Torture and Taxes – A critique of Michael Sandel’s Justice: What’s the right thing to do?

  I originally wrote this in November of 2009 Link to the NPR program cited below: Justice: What’s the right thing to do   I heard recently that President Obama … Continue Reading →

Why do people need assault rifles?

I’ve heard many arguments for gun control that were based on the notion that those who wrote and ratified the constitution could never have imagined the immensely powerful weapons available … Continue Reading →